Friday, May 23, 2014

Praise Report

What goes down must come up right...?

Right, so instead of frowning about all the things I would rather go a different way I smile about the positive things. I genuinely believe that we are creators of our universe and I have been finding it extremely difficult to create the positive world I want to reside in. I really want to work on doing exponentially better with pointing my focus. I am thankful for many things and I need to stay focused on those things because that "attitude of gratitude" will keep me in the abundant paradigm that I want. Today I will focus on the bid things that make me happy.

What are the good things happening in the Tafari household........besides that fact that we made a year last month and we love each other more and more........our best friend is here!!!

Ryan moved out here in the beginning of the month!!!
Dealing with issues Voldemort left us with has been putting us through a lot of strife and stress but it is an awesome blessing having an extra pair of hands to help out, as well as an extra force pushing us forward and not pushing us back.

Also both I and Amiiiri have jobs (we don't really like them) but they are employment until we find something better they are steady checks. 

I actually have another personal praise report,  this past mothers day, I talked to both of my mothers and we have resolved our separate issues and are on good terms and that means more than anyone will ever know.

I want to thank God for the blessings, the abundance and the prosperity, I have now and in the future.

Think about your life today folks whether things are positive or negative its all up to your perspective and remember...NOTHING lasts forever.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Lookin' Ass N****s

nicki minaj looking ass ngga video premiere 01
First off...Look at Nicki...whether you are a fan, a barb, even if you are a regular run of the mill hater you must admit...she looks PHENOMENAL.

Second, I want the world to know that I in no way advocate for the use of the n word. I think its another expression of Black people making something okay that isn't okay (like chitterlings) and then making everyone else think they can too. All of that aside I realize that it is a rather menial personal choice that few will make with me so I don't try to stop people anymore lol. I also don't cut everything out that I will hear the word used on because that's childish. 

Third, I know the controversy about her using the Malcolm X picture, I feel that it isn't that serious of an offense to write off such a real ass song! She took the picture down immediately and apologized because she meant nothing by it. Shit, What did y'all want from her...I mean that's all I would do. "One can not be responsible for what others interpret only what you intend," right? She has made statements saying that she was trying to note her respect and adoration for him.

So my question is what made everyone I noticed making reference to the song hate it so much??? As Im writing this post the song is on repeat and Im JAMMING. I saw a few meems that were saying how dare she talk about fake guys, while having a fake are those even equated? I looked at a few blogs and they seemed to have problems with the attack of "broke men." First off, if you listen with your own ears and not the ears of the mass brain you could hear that broke men arent all she is discussing, just one facet and even then she is specific to those faking that they aren't broke. Amiiiri and I were just discussing how celebrities have the hardest and easiest lives all at once. I was in NAACP in college and many (including myself at one point. Glad I'm past that) were on a super high horse due to that fact and used to be appalled at half of the shit people would say in reference to historic leaders and such but its only okay when a "nobody" jokes about it, but anywho Im rambling.

All controversy aside maybe it is just because Amiiiri and I have been dealing with so much fuck shit and fuck people lately that this song resonates heavily with us, despite the only issue I have with it (all the N words).

But many artist I listen to use the N-word so I digress. I just see past it to their intended message.

I feel like anyone who doesn't fit into one, or a multitude, of the categories she describes would have no choice but to love this song. This song was, to me, during black history month, a call out or even a call to action for all the fuckassery going on with our people. She devoured every mufucka out here that she doesnt appreciate for what sounds like valid reasons to me.

Tell me what you think? Do you like it?  Why does everyone hate it?
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

20 Facts #TAG

Yo internet peeps I was tagged by @lilmiss_happymess (from instagram) to post 20 facts about myself and tag my favorite 20 accounts so here goes: 
1. I am the creator of my universe
2. I constantly thank God for that knowledge and ability
3. Fuck Religion #unityconsciousness
4. Cannabis solves all of my problems
5. I am pansexual. Not bisexual or lesbian. Hearts not parts folks.
6. My Goddess is the most amazing spiiirit I have ever encountered & no we don't need nor want a man. We are Twin Flames and house every thing the other needs.
7. I am truly happy for the first time in my life
8. Fuck anyone who has a problem with it
9. My family (except my little brothers) hate my dreams and thoughts and opinions. While it bothers me my life is mines so... (refer to#8)
10. I dont believe in bras and haven't worn one in a year
11. I am NOTHING like I was 2 years ago. Nothing is constant but change.
12. I have an extraordinarily small amount of friends. I wish I had more.
13. The best thing anyone can do to be friends with me is be themselves...I appreciate GENUINE people
14. When I'm tired or bored enough there is nothing to keep me from falling asleep.
15. I am and always have been a very altruistic soul
16. You hurt Miiiri, you hurt me and vice versa...and we are quite sensitive
17. Im an empath & when I encounter people their energies can affect me positively and negatively depending on their mindstate.
18. I turn into a bird when I'm excited or super happy, even though I'm afraid of them.
19. I will be a force to be reckoned with in this Golden Age. That is what I incarnated on Gaia for.
20. I love every last one of you all.
Thanks for reading and if you want comment 20 facts below I so would love to hear your facts!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Aquarius Season

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy lovlies!!!

In case you didn't know, the best month of the year, February, is here! The month of Love, Black History and the most amazing people were born in this month, including yours truly!

Another little known fact is that on February 7th I will be moving into "legal" adulthood. I will be turning the coveted 2-1!!! The turnup-iest of turnup birthdays!!! My love, Amiiiri, turned my 20th b-day into the best birthday EVER(like seriously)!!! I'm not sure what we are getting into but I cant wait to see what we will do for this one.

Sooooooo.....what chall gettin me?! (drugs I hope)


Monday, December 30, 2013

A System Made to Disintegrate Us...

Being ambitious in Los Angeles leads you to meet a host of people, from all different points in their lives. I was having a conversation with a 46 year old, pretty established, Asshole (long story) a few weeks ago and I spoke of my socialization and he had never even heard of the term. For the past couple of days I have been thinking about how I wouldn't even know the official term if I wasn't a sociology major. So I want to share with my followers the system that teaches us how to be. 

For anyone wondering I am still a student at sam (barely lmfao). Last spring I changed my major to Sociology because after taking one class I realized that it was probably the best and most interesting major I could probably have. Plus I decided, this degree is for my mother not for my life, so why not study people?

On the very first day of the class we delved into a topic that I can spend the rest of  my life talking about. Socialization, defined as a lifelong process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and internalizes the norms, values, behavior and social skills appropriate to his or her social position and learn to function as members of society

Now, this being a deep topic I don't have time to go too far into it but this will just be a brief overview on the vast subject. There are different agents that assist in socialization, some being family, school, peers and media. Family being the very  first social institution and group that shapes individuals’ selves and personality. Imagine how many times you meet parents of longtime friends that you can see exactly where they get their personality traits. From your parents you learn trust, independence, initiative, how to interact with others and oneself. After family comes school and parents are replaced by teachers. 
Unlike other agents of socialization such as family and school, peer groups allow children to escape the direct supervision of adults. Among peers, children learn to form relationships on their own, and have the chance to discuss interests that adults may not share with children, such as clothing and popular music, or interest authority figures may not allow, like drugs and sex. Also peers enforce conformity. 
The last and I feel, the most important is the media. The messages given through the media act as the teachers of gender roles, values, ideologies and beliefs. Individuals who soak up these subliminal messages eventually take on, what is thought to be, the normative roles in society. Even down to the fact that television shows are commonly referred to as programs?! Programming, people. Subliminal messaging is ingrained into all television shows in one way or another. The most deplorable, in my opinion, is the stuff I now notice when I watch cartoons. I don't even mean the stuff I watch now as a "sort of" adult. I mean the stuff that was for the kids of the '90s, stuff I watched in the past and even back a couple months ago (in the free cable days). I would watch nothing but cartoon network and nickelodeon, because I feel like the brainwashing in adult programming is a bit harder to see, being as though it is created to program adult minds, and I don't like to knowingly allow negative things into my subconscious. In children programming it is a bit easier to perceive, so in these cartoons I really got to see so much "socialization". Cartoons are one of the first to teach kids how to divide themselves by societal standards, class, race, sexuality and gender roles. There are an endless number of standards that media and authority figures that try to get is to consciously and subconsciously force you to adhere to. "Don't ask too many questions" "look like this..." "Do bad things and the police will get you" "Strive to be better.......than everyone else" "Hate what's different" "Smart people are like this..." "Do what everyone else does" Those are standards (plus plenty more) taught through cartoons. 

   For those who don't know there is a newer version of the age old cartoon Looney Tunes.                
The newest version is quite different and the teaching of class and race separations is so undisguised its disgusting. Bugs Bunny is clearly a superior swindling white man, Daffy Duck is a black man who lives off of him and tries and tries to be like him but always fails miserably. Lola Bunny is the picture of an airhead blonde that also lives off of Bugs. Bugs is annoyed by her consistently but keeps her around because she is beautiful. Daffy has a girlfriend too but she is a ghetto Latina duck. Porky pig is a Jewish man that is cheap but rich. So ya'll get the point. The show literally teaches kids class and race separations, guiding them to fall into the stereotype that fits them best while shaping their views of others outside of their class/race box. 

 I also watched one of my childhood favorites Aladdin recently and has anyone noticed that by the end of the movie when He was a sultan Aladdin was white, versus the brown he was when he was a "streetrat".        

 Now why would that be? Those are the things that our eyes pick up and our brain registers. no matter if we notice consciously or not. 

Upon watching one of my favorite childhood movies Rugrats In Paris I was appalled to see that sexuality and gender roles are so blatantly put forth. One instance that stuck out to me is when Chuckie Finster sees a guy in a kilt he says something to the effect of "ewww guys aren't supposed to be wearing dresses!" Yall I cant even lie when I heard that I was so upset I almost cried. They are teaching children how to dress, act, and interact as boys and girls with no regard for individualism and no sensitivity to cultural differences. Adults make these cartoons that teach kids how to hate themselves and others and its despicable. I grew up with next to no television. I hope I can raise mine children without any at all.

Okay, moving on, a couple more things I learned in sociology that I think are interesting enough to share are Cooley's theory of the Looking Glass Self and Panoptic Society. There are a couple of Socialization Theories, Cooley's being the one I feel is most applicable to today's society, the looking glass self refers to a self image we have that we base on how we think others see us and how we want them to see us. He has a three step process that he feels we go through to achieve self:

Step 1
We imagine that a someone perceives us in a certain way.
Step 2
We imagine that he or she makes a judgment about us based on that perception.
Step 3
We form a self-image based on how we think our someone sees us
I feel like personally I still fall prey to behaving in such a ridiculous manner even being aware of it. Quite a hard habit to break but everyday I'm working more and more to find myself and just be that. 
Now last but not least, Panoptic Society. First let me say that Panoptic means including everything visible in one view. The term panoptic society comes from panopticon. The notion of the Panopticon was first developed by a man named Jeremy Bentham. Conceived as an architectural model for the ideal prison, the Panopticon was built so that each inmate is always visible to all the others in separate cells and each inmate is always visible to a monitor situated in a central tower. Monitors will not in fact always see each inmate; the point is that they could at any time. Since inmates never know whether they are being observed, they must act as if they are always objects of observation. 
Does that not seem quite synonymous with how we live today?  The panopticon represents the way in which discipline and punishment work in modern society. 
If you have made it this far with me GREAT!!! Thank you, I commend and appreciate you. I would just love it if you would drop a comment below. I could always use some feedback.
 Ultimately these are all sociological theories so I want to know what you guys think. Do you feel like you shape your self image based on how you want your peers to see you or have you surpassed that? Are you somewhere in the middle? What about the Panoptic society? Do you think you would behave the same way of you didn't think you were always being watched, not only by your own peers but by surveillance cameras and *cough* Homeland Security *cough* and things of that nature.... 
Let me know what yall think!!

Triiinity Tafari

California Dreaming

Good afternoon Gods and Goddesses
I know its been forever and 60 million days since I last blogged but yall wont believe how crazy my life is. After my last post things began to get crazy and I just couldn't get together enough to write. You all may know that, to live in Los Angeles again has been a dream of mines since I moved to Tx. Ever since after SxSW, we (Amiiiri and I) decided that it was the best move for Free Spiiirit. Let me say, when they say "If its worth it, it wont be easy..." that shit is so true. It seems like everything that could have happened did happen! Even a few unexpected things! By around July we knew we wouldn't be able to afford the move in August as we wanted, so we arranged to live with her mother until we could get enough saved. Then like 3 days before we were about to move out of my apartment there was a fire. Crazy right!!! Life is just that crazy. I love it though. We moved to Houston from Huntsville and Caryn moved to San Antonio. For 2 months we lived in Houston and everything that could have happened to keep us back tried. Alas on September 24th we finally acquired the money we needed to make the move and asked Caryn to come with. We have been here in Los Angeles since the second of October. Los Angeles is such a beautiful beast. I love it here. I wouldn't change it for anything. I'm ready to chase my dreams and I know that I can have whatever I want. Everyday is a new experience and everyday prospects become more and more prosperous so alhamdullilah for that! I thank all of the people that bless our mission and I ask that you all keep us in your prayers and send us positivity when you can.

Namaste Spiiirits,
Triiinity Tafari

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Views: Trayvon Martin

First off, sorry it has been so long since my last blogpost. My life has been a whirl of crazy things, I have been just trying to go with the flow and take things as best I can while praying for better.

On to what I want to talk about today. Trayvon Martin. 

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this to be offensive or a hater. It is simply how I feel and my blog is for me to express how I feel to the world. Don't like it?!  
Comment below.

When I found out what happened I remember how devastated I was. Not even because I'm so naieve that I don't know that this happens all the time. It was because I felt this situation more since I know how easily situations like this can occur. 
I mean, I have 2 younger brothers and with them living in a predominately white area this could have been either one of them. I want nothing more than justice served. I send prayers out to his family and I implore you to do so as well. 

My Problems

The media made the trial for the murderer of a child, a circus. I haven't been keeping up with the case honestly because I feel that this is another distraction technique. 
The powers that be tell the sheep what to pay attention to and they do it. In the past few weeks while the  trial has been happening CONgress has been going crazy. All over all the social networks I see people pretending to care, putting out all types of ignorant opinions, chastising people for their ignorant opinions and generally pretending to be revolutionaries, since that the popular thing to be right now. Instead of the twitter revolutionaries paying attention for the fact that they are taking our rights, they are paying attention to this elaborately planned trial. Not only that but they are doing it because it is the trendy/popular thing to talk a reality show. It will lose relevance quickly because of all this false care. Just like it was designed.

Open your eyes to what is around you folks. Things are never as they seem.

My Questions to the Revolutionaries. Real and Fake.
Answer honestly.

First off how do you expect this to go?
What will be done if the trial doesnt go the way you expect?
Y'all say NO JUSTICE NO PEACE, do you mean it?
Will you revolt or will you just tweet angrily?

Whatever your answers to those questions proud of you you are.
We are all incredible beings, revolutionary or not. 

Plus...the real revolution starts with Self.


Triiinity Tafari



P.S. : one of my twitter followers, @8PathZen,  tweeted "What if they find Zimmerman innocent, knowing that people will riot just so they can implement Marshall Law, in D.C., Philly, Bmore, N.Y.?" then "I mean clearly he guilty, but you know they do shit like that."
Food For Thought